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Welcome to American Packaging and Supply, Inc.

American Packaging and Supply, Inc. is a premium packaging supplier that offers consumers with the best packing supplies the industry has to offer. Customer satisfaction is a must. We provide solutions to your packing and packaging problems and have a wide variety of storing, moving and shipping supplies to address your requirements. We also offer competitive pricing in order to give excellent customer service and value for money.

Packing Supplies and More

Our extensive product range allows our clients to have a choice of various packing supplies without the need to go out and find another packaging supplier. Whether you need boxes, boards, labels, and staples, we have a range of products for you to choose from. We also go beyond the usual packing supplies to offer you everything from clean room supplies, cushioning, film, and other safety products.

Packaging Supplier with Quality Customer Service and Satisfaction

We serve our clients with pride. We do take our job seriously and we make sure that only the newest and best products are available to our customers. With that in mind, our packing supplies are guaranteed to be quality products that serve your needs. Every product we carry comes with the guarantee that it is truly top of the line.

We are a certified HUB, MBE, DBE packaging supplier, and are proud to have been the 2005 Regional Minority Supplier/Distributor of the Year. It reflects our commitment of providing our customers the best products and services possible.

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For your packing supplies requirements (and more), you can trust American Packaging and Supply, Inc. as the best packaging supplier for you. You may reach us through our contact page or call us at (915) 771-8052.